Best Professional Video Camera for Sports


If you are looking for Best Professional Video Camera for Sports then you are at right place. Here we have provided Information about HD Video/film recording Cameras.

HD Cameras have Still the demand in the market which is full of New Technologies like Mobiles and Smartphones.

Many Users want the Resolution higher than 1920 x 1080. If you are Looking for a Camera which Records Videos in Higher Resolution then We have Provided the List of 10 Best Professional Video Camera for Sports.

To make your videos stunning and best here you have to find the best right kind of cameras by which you can capture all records in best quality like 4k and 8K.

Before moving on the list of Best professional cameras for sports I will take through various types of cameras and then list my favourite ones.

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Types  of Popular Video Cameras

Video cameras are in many forms and shapes. Here are the most common forms of video cameras which y0u want to consider.

Cameras in Smart Phones

Cameras in Smart Phones


Flagship smartphones like iPhone 11 Pro Max, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Google Pixel 4, Xiaomi MI 10 Pro all compete on camera quality.

They have the best quality cameras with smartphones cameras you have no need to bring your cameras along with you.

  • Fits in your pocket.
  • Good image quality
  • Smaller sensors compared to Mirrorless DSLR cameras and camcorders.

Consumer Camcorder

Consumer Camcorder

Before Some Years, the Camcorder was the 1st Choice for Recording Special moments in Family. It was also the choice to save key family moments and your kids batting in their games.

As new cameras and smarts come in the market the camcorder becomes less popular. But they still are used due to their lightweight, easy to handle and high optical zoom property for the price.

  • Optical Zoom Capability
  • Easy to Handle
  • Easy to Record Videos
  • Out of Fashion

Action Camera

The action camera is as like GoPro something which needs no introduction. Small, easy to handle and robust to be used with all accessories.

They are perfectly suitable for recording sports like Mountain biking, Rock climbing and Wakeboarding.

  • They are Tiny and Easy to Carry
  • Huge Number of Accessories
  • Small Sensor So
  • Not Good Images in Low Light Conditions

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless Cameras are new technologies. They are getting the focus of Buyers. Mirrorless Cameras are replacing DSLRs for Photography Slowly Slowly.

They are very Good in Video Recording. Mirrorless Cameras have larger Sensors than normal compact cameras and camcorders.

The Image quality of these Cameras is very good. They also Provide High-Quality Images in Low Light Conditions

They are Easy to Pare with Some Interchangeable Lenses to deal with low light conditions. Pairing with lenses makes these cameras more beautiful.

  • Excellent Video Quality
  • External Lenses can be Attached
  • Used to Take Beautiful Photos
  • Expensive
  • Complicated Options as Compared to others

DSLR Cameras

dslr cameras

They are well known Camras in the Market. DSLRs are very Good in taking Photographs. But have some technical issues in Video Recording.

DSLRs do not Provide the Video Quality as mirrorless cameras Provide. Some Low Price or Cheap DSLRs records video at 1080p@30fps.

Some DSLR Cameras Usually can Record videos at 4K@60fps. But for this Option, you have to pay high rates to get quality.

  • Fantastic Image Quality
  • Can be Paired with External Lens
  • Not Good for Video Recording
  • Good Cameras are Always Expensive

Professional Camcorders

Professional Camcorders

These are very Expensive but known as Best Professional Video Camera for Sports. The Price of these type of cameras is between thousands of dollars.

Professional Camcorders are Usually Used by filmmakers and TV Broadcasting Studios, These Cameras are not recommended for Household Users.

  • Best Video Recording
  • Ultra-High Definition Video Quality
  • Very Expensive
  • Not Necessary for 99.9% People

Best Professional Video Camera for Sports

After the types of Video Cameras, it’s time to move on the list of 10 Best Professional Video Cameras for Sports, So, the List of Best Professional Video Camera for Sports is here.

1: GoPro Hero 5 (Best Video Camera for Action Sports)

GoPro Hero 5

If you are looking for a Camera with Good Design and Features to Record Videos for yourself while Playing any Sports than GoPro Hero 5 should be the Best Option for you.

The Size of the Camera is Reasonable and it Comes with Tons of Impressive Features in a Reasonable Price.

GoPro Hero 5 is designed to Record Videos from anywhere. It does not matter you re on the mountain or at the beach. You can share your videos from anywhere to anyone.

Why I Preferred It?
  • Very Easy to Operate
  • Durable and Waterproof
  • Portable, Compact and Lightweight
  • Quick Stories Feature Allows to Get Excellent Edited Videos of your Recordings
  • Crystal Clear and Stabilized Audio
  • Voice Controls allows Simple Voice Commands to Control Camera
  • Shots Can Be Modified and Trimmed through Settings
  • Best Option to Record Videos for Yourself While Playing Sports
  • Inexpensive

2: DJI Osmo Pocket

Best Professional Video Camera for Sports

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a fresh innovation on compact cameras, and it simply to be the ideal option for capturing sports moments.

It is a dedicated camera on a gimbal stabilizer which prevents camera movement to create silky-smooth images.

DJI is an excellent option when you want to get gimbal stabilization, the 1.2/3-inch sensor is larger and Excellent to the cameras of Best Smart Phones Like iPhone XS Max or Google Pixel 4.

The point that it can film at 4K resolution at up to 60fps. These options make the camera a great option for capturing sports films.

The camera has a 1-inch touchscreen to which can be used to preview the shots you have captured. You can attach your iPhone or Android directly with the camera. The Screen of your Smartphone can be used as a viewfinder.

The DJI Osmo Pocket isn’t out of its drawbacks. The in-built mic is nice but not as great as that of the GoPro or iPhone 11. It is not great in build quality as a true action camera has. With these options, this camera is the most suitable camera to record high-quality and fully gimbal-stabilized images and videos.

Overall this is an excellent video camera if you want to record video while running.

3: GoPro HERO8


Action cameras are invented to capture the Images and Films in rougher conditions and making them perfect according to the conditions.

For the Action Camera market is full of cheap options and serious opponents like the DJI Osmo Action. The new GoPro Hero8 is the latest action camera.

With this camera, you will not get a similar image quality and electronic image stabilization (EIS) performance given by GoPro’s proprietory Hypersmooth 2.0 technology in any other action camera.

You can shoot from 1080p@240fps through to 4K@60fps, and it is competent of taking 100Mbps footage over the 78Mbps footage offered by its forerunner, the Hero7 Black.

When you want to shoot underwater the camera can be attached to your helmet. It can also shoot the pictures of videos in the dark mode with the brand new GoPro Light Mod.

The GoPro Hero8 has a tremendous ecosystem of accessories which makes it conceivable to capture the videos in every possible condition you can imagine of.

With all that told, the GoPro Hero8 isn’t for everyone. If you need to catch POV records of yourself mountain biking downhill or going underwater it’s a no brainer.

But if you’re just looking to capture a soccer game from the sidelines, then the camera and all its accessories are going to waste.

4: Canon Vixia HF R800

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

As we all know that modern smartphone, GoPros and mirrorless cameras are entered but the old cheap camcorder yet has its worth in the market.

The Old Camcorders are very simple to work and large optical zoom abilities make them a great option to capture your next football or basketball game.

The Canon Vixia HF R800 is a very popular digital camcorder which has a 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS sensor with 32x optical zoom.

It is not able to record videos in 4k, but the 1080p image quality is great with a small noise distortion.

Phone cameras and action cameras have very bounded optical zooms, but with the Vixia HF R800, you’ll have no difficulties of zooming in on that particular scene.

This camera has built-in image stabilization with 8X Zoom Option to capture your favourite moments without any hurdles.

The Camera has a Spare Battery which gives a Good Backup while Filming and 64GB SD card is used to store everything you need.

5: Panasonic Lumix G85

Panasonic Lumix G85

Panasonic G85 is one of the more affordable mirrorless cameras which is able to capture at 4K/30p, 100 Mbps footage.

As it is a mirrorless camera, its larger sensor produces excellent image quality and it also provides the Best Images even in low-light conditions.

The G85 is counted one of the best budget mirrorless cameras for video among nonprofessional photographers.

For Recording sports clips to share on your Facebook feed, it should be the best Option in Financial Sense.

This is also the best Option for filming sports events or capture videos for their YouTube Channels with the Best Video Quality.

Two things that make the G85 especially points out as a sports video camera is its stabilization and strong enclosure.

Panasonic added an in-body gyro sensor to provide 5-axis body stabilization that decreases camera shake.

The weather-sealed splashproof and dustproof material mean it can face the elements when filming outdoors.

6: Sony Alpha a6400

SOny Alpha

Sony has been manufacturing the mirrorless cameras from years. Canon and Nikon have introduced their products in the market to hold a share of the market.

The Sony A6400 is one of Sony’s APS-C sensor mirrorless cameras which probably provides the best value.

For those who don’t know the APS-C sensor is larger than the micro four-thirds standard used by Panasonic and Olympus, which generates different advantages when it comes to image quality.

Like the Panasonic G85, the Sony A6400 is also able to shoot crisp 4K/30p footage. However, where the A6400 glows is its ultra-fast autofocus capability.

This makes it particularly capable of shooting fast-moving views where the main point is continually changing.

For those who are serious about purchasing a mirrorless camera for recording sports, you might want to see this YouTuber’s comparison between the Panasonic G85 and Sony A6400 to give you a better perception of the differences between them.


7: iPhone 11 Pro Max

iphone 11 pro max

It might look unusual to see a smartphone in the list of Best Professional Video Camera for Sports. But the fact is that cameras of smartphones have become actually the true tools of recording videos.

The iPhone hasn’t developed that enough over the years, but with every repetition, you can see the camera is more useful than ever.

While Android manufacturing companies like Samsung and Huawei claim powerful camera specs on record, in practice the iPhone cameras have consistently delivered the most reliable results, with real colours and superior depth of field.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is very expensive, but it is undoubtedly the best phone for record video on the market right now.

iPhone 11 Pro Max has an ultra-wide-angle lens (13mm, f/2.4), standard lens (26mm, f/1.8) and 2x telephoto lens (52mm, max aperture of f/2.0) is pretty awesome, but will definitely set the trend for future flagship phones.

The Phone is competent in capturing 4K@60fps footage with video quality that is excellent to the GoPro HERO8 or DJI Osmo Pocket.

Apple’s exclusive OIS is good but you’ll need to spend in an iPhone gimbal if you’re moving to be recording your next sports game on the move.

8: Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

best professional video camera for sports

If you are Going to Cover a Sports Event or Making any Documentary. You need the best professional video camera for sports that can fulfil all your needs.

In Some Situations, you have to need a camera which can shoot one scene from a wide-angle and close to the next shot.

This type of situation demands a Versatile Lens which should be attached to a non-heavy body camera. For these type of Situations, The Canon XA11 is HD-SDI is compatible.

Canon XA11 Comes with a built-in headphone jack which can be used to manage volume levels. It has also 3.5mm mini-jack for audio output.

XA11 comes with Audio Recording Feature in which a microphone and two XLR Mics are Integrated.

The XA11 comes with two built-in slots for SD/SDHC/SDXC cards which gives you different options to record and store data.

In this model, you can go for the dual recording of the same scene at different codecs and bitrates saved to each card.

The Very Useful option in this Camera is that Recordings the films automatically shifts to the 2nd Card when the First One is Full.

Canon XA11 comes with an infrared (IR) shooting mode that allows to Capture High-Quality Images in low-light Conditions.

Features and Drawbacks of Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

  • Impressive Image Quality
  • Amazing Video Quality
  • Record Footage in Different Ways
  • Only Records in Full HD Resolution
  • Lack of WiFi Capability

9: Canon XF200 HD Professional Video Camera

Best Professional Video Camera for Sports

XF200 is the more advanced High Defination Video Recording Camcorder from Canon. This Camera provides the facility to record videos in MXF format.

MXF format is usually used to record videos by broadcast Corporations. That means any video recorded on this camera is enough to Broadcasting on TV.

XF200 comes with Ethernet LAN Cable Port and Wifi Connection Capability to Transfer files Faster. This Camera has a 5% Larger Sensor which records Videos in 1920 x 1080.

The Sensor of Canon XF200 uses the Extra Pixels for Electrical Image Stabilization (EIS). Camera Sensor has a size of 35mm equivalent with a range of 26.8 to 576mm.

It has the capability to Shoot Scenes with 20x HD Optical Zoom. There are 3 rings of Lens that rotate infinitely. The Layers are Focus, Iris and Zoom.

Canon XF200 has two types of  Image Stabilization which are Optical Image Stabilization and Electronic Image Stabilization.

There are Also Many Features Like WIfi and Wired Connectivity to Transfer Data Faster and Secure to the System.

Features and Drawbacks Canon XF200 Video Camera

  • Wired and Wifi Connectivity Options
  • Records Videos in MXF Format
  • 20x HD Optical Zoom
  • OIS and EIS Image Stabilization
  • Autofocus
  • Media Card Slots
  • Infrared Shooting Capability
  • No Cons Found Yet


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